El coliving ideal en Las Palmas para nómadas digitales y trabajadores remotos.

Tu vida en Gran Canaria requiere del entorno ideal para que continúes tu evolución como persona y como profesional.
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La casa

Coliving 1907 está alojado en una casa catalogada como Patrimonio Histórico de Canarias y construida en el año 1907 por el arquitecto Laureano Arroyo Velasco, máximo responsable de la expansión de la ciudad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Cuenta con 8 habitaciones totalmente equipadas que, conservando su espíritu original, han sido cuidadosamente reformadas para dotarlas de las mayores comodidades que harán tu estancia más agradable.

Gracias a la conservación de los elementos originarios en suelos, puertas, ventanas y techos, cuando llegues a Coliving 1907, te sentirás como en casa.

Historia, sol, mar, naturaleza, gastronomía, ocio y cultura.

Coliving 1907 está situado en la calle Benito Pérez Galdós; una calle peatonal con una privilegiada ubicación en el barrio de Triana y en pleno centro histórico, cultural, comercial y gastronómico de la ciudad con una maravilloso ambiente. 

Además, su cercanía a la estación de guaguas (autobús) te invita a conocer a resto de la isla de Gran Canaria;

Los jóvenes profesionales que vienen a Coliving 1907

Se han unido para vivir con personas afines con las que compartir sus experiencias y hacer crecer sus proyectos empresariales.


Hey ! I’m Agne -Lithuanian who’s trying to escape cold winter.

This year I choose to move to Las Palmas, and I think I found the best place to start my new chapter here!

Coliving 1907 is a cozy place, which feels like home. Beautiful rooms, terrace and beautiful people around!


Hola, I’m Ryan from Malta. I’ve been working and travelling on-and-off for the past 6 years, chasing the sun and warm weather. I enjoy any sea activity and also hiking, and Gran Canaria has plenty of both.

Coliving 1907 is a charming house with a boutique touch where one can balance socialising and working. Situated right in the historical centre of Las Palmas, it’s easy to explore the rest of the island from here.


Hi. I’m Jack from England.

I’m staying in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for 2 months whilst I build my startup and more importantly, enjoy the sun and scenery.

I train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu here and play Volleyball with other nomads.

Coliving 1907 is the best place to stay because it’s in a beautiful location and there’s a great bunch of likeminded people to work and socialise with.


Hey, I’m Henrique Bresciani, Italian Brazilian entrepreneur traveling the world and living the nomadic lifestyle.

The Canarian Islands have a perfect weather and the Coliving 1907 is a really good place to stay in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.


I’m Daniel from Estonia. Work online in affiliate marketing & SEO. Moved to Las Palmas because life is happier in warm places.

Coliving 1907 is a cool place. Really big nice clean white house with high ceilings, huge terrace, cool people and a beautiful historic neighborhood with majestic vibe and architecture that you don’t get in other areas of Las Palmas.


I work remotely and decided to come to Las Palmas for the warm winter. I’m loving the island so much that I am thinking of staying here permanently.

Coliving 1907 it’s a beautiful place. I’ve already been here for 5 months and it feels like home. The location is awesome, the rooms are well equipped to work from home and the rooftop-terrace is great to enjoy the sun.


Hi! I’m 43 years old and been an entrepreneur since my early 20’s.
Since 2012 I has worked online as a digital nomad.
Whenever I travel, I like to stay with people with similar interests so we can share stories, eat together, and share experiences.
I made great friends at Coliving 1907 and got to share this amazing space with people from all over the world.


Hi, my name is Vova and I come from Israel.
I’m working as software developer. During the coronavirus my company have started to work remotely and I took this opportunity to go work abroad.

I have spent the spring in Bansko, Bulgaria and now have decided to come to Las Palmas.

At the beginning I thought to take an apartment, but here in las Palmas it’s possible only for long term, so I have decided to stay in the coliving.

The major benefit of the coliving is to meet interesting people, that become very quickly your friends. Coliving 1907 is very nice, a new one, convenient for working ,with big kitchen and amazing terrace.