At Coliving 1907 you will find communal spaces in which to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Entrance: outdoor patio.


When you arrive at the property you are greeted by an impressive outdoor patio of 59m2. You will feel that you are entering a very special place as it is decorated in the style of a typical Canarian house. You will be amazed by the tall palm tree in the centre of the patio, in a big clay pot and surrounded by many plants. Would you like to take a break and enjoy these views? Don’t hesitate to sit and admire this beauty. It is also a very peaceful place. Perfect for reading a book or enjoying a conversation.

Rooms, kitchen, coworking space.

coliving-Living room-10

On the first floor you will find the kitchen which is fully furnished and equipped: oven, dishwasher, microwave, coffee machine, kettle. In addition, there are two fridges, two freezers and storage space. Each room has its own space assigned with the name of the room.

Next to the kitchen is the dining room. It is a multifunctional space; some days it is used for eating and other days as a coworking space. It has a large, antique-looking table. In this space you can find the photos of all the colivers who have passed through the house.

Rooftop: 245 m2 of terrace.

terrace-coliving-Chill out-11

The roof terrace with a view is one of the highlights of Coliving 1907. It is one of the favourite places where the colivers spend a lot of time both during the day and at night. It has a covered area where you can work, eat or just hang out even in the sunniest hours of the day. The roof terrace is perfect for working. There are two tables with seating for 10 people. It has a large internet connection independent from the rest of the house and plenty of sockets. There are also sun loungers to enjoy the sun and a shower for the hottest days.

All events are held on the roof terrace: Spanish workshops, yoga classes, family dinners, etc. It is an area with plenty of space (245 m2) to have breakfast, read, work, sunbathe, relax, play sports and share a conversation. Also, on the roof terrace, there is a room with a washing machine and all the necessary products to do the laundry.