Coliving 1907 is located in a family house that belonged to Raquel’s grandparents.

Her great-grandfather, who was born in Cuba, had the house built in 1907. Her maternal grandparents and her mother lived there.

The main floor was used for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and living rooms.

On the ground floor was the office of Raquel’s grandfather, who managed farms with coffee and fruit trees, including banana trees.

For many years, Raquel’s great-grandfather would bring a specialist from Cuba to make cigars for him.

The renovation of the house was done with great care and with two fundamental objectives; to maintain the essence and spirit of the house and to make it comfortable and useful for living and working.

The house is a perfect combination of modern and old; wooden floors, high ceilings and large windows coexist with motorised desks and high-speed wifi.

Thanks to the preservation of the original elements in floors, doors, windows and ceilings, you will feel at home when you arrive at Coliving 1907.